This charming guest house is purely magical.

Out in the garden, the shapes and colours of the various tree species delicately intertwine, just calling you to take a stroll among them.

On the terrace, the original, tasteful building, the little stone walls and the colourful pots of flowers all complement this harmony.

As if in a dream!

The tranquility as well - total escapism!

To carry this daydream into the night, each room fascinates and deeply enchants its guest in its own original way.

The only words to describe such enchantment: charm and taste down to every last decorative detail, elegance and, quite simply, talent!

We tried to picture the place as our own so that we could find a fault and say “you know, I would have done it like this, not like that!”

But no, there’s nothing. Everything is perfect, absolutely impeccable taste.

So all I need to say to you know is THANK YOU! Thank you so much for such a heavenly getaway, tranquility and serenity and this magical place.

Fantastic! I wish you every success in your business.

I hope with all my heart that your guests give you all the appreciation that your talent deserves.


Catherine AVRIN

Wedding of Audrey and Didier, 14 August 2011